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How to Find Home Deeds in Texas - Easily

The availability of online databases and services certainly can streamline your house deed search. However, there is more to it than logging on and plugging in a few words. You need to know what you are looking at, and what to do if the ...
READ MORE Voted a Houston Top Workplace for the 7th Year in a Row

This is the eighth time and the seventh consecutive year that has been named a Top Workplace by the Houston Chronicle.

What Does an Oil and Gas Attorney Do?

As the name implies, an oil and gas attorney specializes in the law as it pertains to the industry. Even so, it includes a wide range of legal topics, including property law, mineral rights, contract law, and environmental law. The gas and ...

How to Find a Deed Online

Searching deeds online is a far sight better than traipsing from courthouse to courthouse looking up information on multiple parcels of land. However, there are still ways you can simplify your online search, and make the search tools work ...

How Provides Value to Oil and Gas Professionals is the premier resource for the oil and gas industry in Texas. Our website provides easy online document searches for real property records, grantor/grantee indexes, liens, and other documentation. We continue to build ...

Division Orders: Protection from Double Liability

For operators and mineral rights owners, oil and gas leases are complicated at best. Adding to the Gordian knot of contractual obligations and regulations is a document called a division order. If not handled correctly, a division order ...

Why are Land Surveys Important?

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  • 12/11/2019
  • Surveying
Why are land surveys important? Because you can’t buy or develop land properly without one. Going in without a land survey is flying blind. You have no way of knowing what obstacles you may face or even the exact perimeter of your ...

Unpacking the Drill Site Runsheet

When it comes time to drill the well, the oil and gas company must be absolutely sure that it has every right to do so. There should be no surprise owners. There should be nobody waiting in the wings to grab part of the production that ...

What Is a Production Sharing Agreement?

Of all the legal contracts in the oil and gas industry, one of the most significant is the production sharing agreement. It’s used as an instrument by all parties to realize a quick return on their investments and increase revenue as much ...

How to Sell Your Property When You've Leased the Mineral Rights

You have a piece of land that has been pretty good to you. Maybe it was good pastureland or grew terrific crops. Plus, it came with a bonus - you got a lucrative mineral lease from an oil or gas company that developed a productive well. ...