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What Texas Public Records Can You Find Online?

A plethora of Texas public records is available online from vital statistics to criminal records. Most are open to view, while other records have certain restrictions placed upon them. State law governs their accessibility; even though a ...

What is an Abstract of Judgment and How Can You Find One Online?

One obstacle to a clean title is an Abstract of Judgment, which is a method of placing a lien on real property to pay a legal judgment. If an individual in a lawsuit receives a financial responsibility, any real property is used as ...

What is the Pugh Clause and How Does it Affect Oil Leases?

If you aren’t careful, a Pugh Clause may be a tripwire for the unaware in an oil or gas lease contract. The Pugh Clause is named for a Louisiana attorney, Lawrence Pugh, who took on Shell Oil in 1947 on behalf of a lessor.

How to Find Marriage Certificates Online or at the Courthouse

Searching marriage certificates is easier than ever with the introduction of online databases containing courthouse records. However, you may need to visit the courthouse yourself if you cannot find the records online. Not all records have ...

What are Easements and Rights of Way?

It’s a rare piece of property that has no need to allow encroachment of any kind. In most municipalities and counties as well as at the state and federal level, parts of most land parcels must be given over to use by someone other than the ...

Negotiating Oil and Gas Leases: How to Make the Deal

Negotiating oil and gas leases is like many other negotiation activities. Most landowners don't work with oil and gas leases very often while landmen are highly knowledgeable. However, this is a contract negotiation, and both sides must ...

The Duhig Rule: Mineral Rights & Warranty Deeds

One of the more convoluted concepts in mineral rights and warranty deeds is the Duhig Rule. Named for the court case Duhig v. Peavey-Moore Lumber Company, the Duhig Rule was the outcome of a disagreement caused by one party either ...

Tips for Using’s GIS Mapping and Reports Tool

From appraisers, real estate professionals, and surveyors to oil and gas landmen, effective and efficient research is the best way to approach projects, proposals, and opportunities.

Oil and Gas Technology: Why Big Data is the Future for Landmen

As the population grows, the courthouses continue to record leases, grants, and deeds. As property changes hands, the title chain grows longer and more complex. Working with multiple records, a yellow pad, and a pencil has become ...

6 Challenges Land Surveyors May Face On the Job

  • Team
  • 01/16/2019
  • Surveying
Every job has its challenges; land surveying is no different. Every day brings different issues to resolve that don’t always respond to quick fixes. However, there are a few challenges that are quite common to the profession, and we would ...