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What Does a Field Right-of-Way Agent Do?

A field right-of-way agent is a land professional with legal expertise regarding property rights. Third parties, both private and governmental, engage field right-of-way agents to assist with land acquisition and the legal aspects of a ...

Land Patent FAQ, Part 2: How to File a Land Patent

A land patent is the only form of proof of absolute title to land in the United States. It protects the landowner from claimants of co-ownership as well as the United States government.

What's the Difference Between Mineral Deeds and Royalty Deeds?

If a landowner wishes to benefit financially from minerals lying below the surface, the owner can split or sever the property into two separate interests — the surface and the mineral-rich portion beneath it. The surface estate can then be ...

How to Identify a Grantor and Grantee in a Legal Document

Contracts specify the terms of the relationship between two or more parties, typically regarding a transaction. One example is the transaction of services for pay between an employee and an employer. In financial transactions, the contract ...

How Can Help Oil and Gas Professionals

Attending the North American Prospect Expo, better known as NAPE, was an exhilarating experience, as always. Summer NAPE is the world’s largest exploration and production exposition and summer 2018 was its 25th anniversary.

Your Guide to a Successful Summer NAPE

The North American Prospect Expo (NAPE) is celebrating its 25th anniversary and is going to be there. This year, Summer NAPE 2018 is August 15 - 16 in Houston, TX, at the George R. Brown Convention Center.

What You Need to Know about Easement Deeds

You may be familiar with easements granted to cities and utility providers. These are pieces of your deeded property that remain available to municipalities and utilities to run lines overhead or pipes and cables below ground.

Is There a Federal Tax on Mineral Rights?

Owning land with valuable natural resources beneath the surface comes with the opportunity for an income stream from leasing or selling the mineral rights. The Boston Tea Party notwithstanding, federal taxes on income of any kind has ...

Tax Lien Sales: Can You Buy Tax Lien Properties to Save Big?

Every day, banks around the nation foreclose on hundreds of homes. Foreclosure means the bank takes possession of a property after the mortgager fails to make payments – including payments on homeowner taxes. The government (state or ...

What Is a Title Plant?

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  • 07/03/2018
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A title plant, also known as an abstract plant, is a database records, indexed geographically. They are records that track and show all instruments connected to a tract of land, going back at least 25 years. Title plants are what companies ...