How to Eliminate Issues Locating Child Support Liens

Posted by Team - 18 November, 2020



In the state of Texas, as in many others, payment of child support can be enforced by placing a lien against the debtor’s property. While non-payment may be willful, there is also the possibility the debtor cannot afford the payments.

In the latter case, these debtors need an advocate to guide them through the process to remove the lien so the property can be sold. Alternatively, they may require assistance to redefine the child support payment to match their income.

Unfortunately, you need to know about the lien before you can offer help. There are several common issues with locating child support liens.

Fruitless Searches

How many hours do you spend searching different county courthouse records or competitor databases to find any type of lien?

Some counties classify liens by type, making it easier to use a search term. Many, on the other hand, do not. Every document is labeled as a lien with no additional information. Without a way to sort out the types of liens you want to see, you can spend a lot of time sitting at your computer or you can pay someone to look. Either way, you waste time.


Since you need to purchase the documents before you can actually read what is in them, you buy many more than you need to increase your chances of finding gold. What percentage of these bulk buys actually turns out to be the lien documents you need?

One description of a “good lead” includes:

  • The lien amount
  • The date of the incident, court order, or issue
  • Whether the lien is a new document or an adjustment of an existing lien

Without the ability to filter out documents that don’t match your requirements, you are forced to purchase before validating data quality.

The ROI for this process is typically quite low. Wouldn’t it be nice to purchase only those documents that fit your profile and filter? Finding a child support lien would be quick and easy. You could do it as often as you want, knowing your purchase holds more value than before.

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Losing to Competitors

Besides purchasing documents you don’t want, you or your staff spend a lot of time going through those documents to find child support liens. Between the hours you spend searching multiple databases and combing through them for leads, you may not contact a prospect quickly enough.

It’s a race between you and your competitors to contact someone dealing with a child support lien and bring them on board as a client. If you can’t get there first, you lose out. You need a way to capture liens as soon as they are filed.

Mindless Data Transfer

Once you have a lien, someone needs to transfer the metadata from the document into a report or system so you can do something with it. Someone must read through all the documents, determine whether the lien is worth pursuing as a lead, then identify the information needed to continue with the case.

Beyond the issue of keying in the data, you also run the risk of errors while manually transferring the information from one place to another.

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Meeting Quotas on a Slim Budget

Management pressures everyone to reduce costs and stay on budget. On the other hand, management also wants you to meet lead quotas. How can you do both?

As mentioned above, you are forced to spend hours finding leads. Then you must purchase documents that may have no value for you. Between wages and purchases, the budget is easily blown. If you don’t buy enough to capture your quota of leads, you miss your numbers.

Cybersecurity Woes

Do you know how easy it is for a hacker to insert malware into a document? In recent years, public records have seen a substantial increase in security problems.

There’s no winning. Until now.

LiensDirectTM to the Rescue

LiensDirect is a new service from With LiensDirect, you receive only the child support liens you want and nothing else. You don’t need to overbuy or search all over the place to put a list of leads together or transfer data.

LiensDirect performs a search according to your criteria, aggregates all relevant documents, and sends them to you.

You save hours daily. Productivity and ROI go up and so do your revenues. You avoid malicious software. And we offer convenient pricing.

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