How to Automate Your Search for Federal Tax Liens

Posted by Team - 13 October, 2020



Finding federal tax liens can be difficult and take up valuable time. You lose billable hours and may not unearth anything of value.

  • Different counties use different terminology and acronyms.
  • You must search each county’s records separately.
  • Not all recorded liens are labeled by type.

The IRS had over $43 billion of enforced and late federal income tax payments from individuals according to the Tax Gap Estimates for 2011-2013. You can only imagine the tax gap now.

Since a federal tax lien is a common option for enforcing payment, that $43 billion or more represents a massive number of liens you could access to find leads and approach prospects.

Federal Tax Lien Overview

When individuals do not pay their income taxes in full, and do not set up a payment program, the IRS begins enforcement proceedings to compel payment. One tool used is a federal tax lien.

A lien is a legal method of establishing a claim on the value of a piece of property. Liens are placed against houses and other real property, personal property, and financial assets. The lien ensures that the proceeds from the sale of the asset go to pay the tax debt first.

Much of the time, these taxpayers don’t know how to get out of the situation on their own. They need an advocate to help them navigate the annually thickening jungle of federal tax law. They need help to set up payment agreements or reduce payments.

Tax attorneys, CPAs, and enrolled agents are all in the market for these potential customers.

How can you locate federal tax liens that drive revenue and reduce overhead?

Use LiensDirectTM.

The Benefits of LiensDirect

Time Savings

How many hours does it take a paralegal to search for federal tax liens each week? What percentage of quota is hit and how many of those leads are qualified?

LiensDirect is a single resource lien aggregator that saves hours every week in locating and gathering liens, specifically federal tax liens. Many counties don’t bother to label different liens, but LiensDirect can weed out anything you don’t want.

  • No need to learn different county designations
  • No set up; easy implementation

We do the searching so you don’t have to.

Learn more about the benefits of LiensDirect.  Download a free sample file today >>

Labor Savings

Not only will a paralegal, CPA, or tax attorney save time searching for federal tax liens, you won’t need to pay a third party to hunt for you or key the results into your system. LiensDirect does the searching for you and delivers only the liens you want to receive.

Reduce Other Expenses

Most outlets require you to buy the lien document before you can read the details. You make a cash outlay before learning the lien amount, the date the lien was filed, or any other documentation attached. You probably can’t even tell what type of lien it is.

With LiensDirect, you can use date and amount details to filter your results so you only receive documents that are worth your time.

Want to know how LiensDirect can lower your costs?  Learn More >>

Increase Competitiveness

When you search manually for single lien documents from multiple county databases, you won’t always find a lien before a competitor does. Counties won’t provide notification of each and every lien filed.

LiensDirect eliminates the need to pay staff or a third party to be on lien-search for hours a day. LiensDirect aggregates any new liens that match your criteria and sends them to you immediately. You can be the first to contact a new prospect and keep others from muscling in on your action.

Also, when you only receive federal tax liens that match your requirements, you meet your quota of leads quickly and each lead is as highly qualified as you can make it.

Maintain IT Security

Hackers are everywhere, and county databases are a favorite target. Don’t risk downloading malware and viruses along with your lien documents. LiensDirect adds a layer of security by scanning each document before delivery, removing the risk of malware attachment.

Use LiensDirect, with convenient pricing, to reduce your costs and improve the quality of your leads all the way around. How Can Title Companies Protect Their Data? Contact us today to learn more.

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