A Fresh, New Approach to Accessing Hospital Liens

Posted by CourthouseDirect.com Team - 07 October, 2020



LiensDirectTM is the newest service from CourthouseDirect.com. And it can help you identify the hospital liens you are looking for without the need to buy an entire document library.

You can search only so many county record systems in a day, and it may be impossible to tease out hospital liens from all the rest. Don’t waste your time searching for the records you want; Use LiensDirect.

Fast and Thorough Search

Unfortunately, Google can’t always help you find the quality hospital liens you need. LiensDirect can.

● Every record is in one place.
● Hospital liens are separated out from other liens and documents.
● You don’t need to puzzle out the various classification schemes for different systems.
● There’s no trouble separating document types.

You can significantly reduce the time you spend searching for every county and hospital lien you are interested in by having LiensDirect deliver them directly to you.

Lower Costs

When you eliminate the hours needed to search, you save money. And that isn’t the only cost savings you get from LiensDirect.

Your biggest savings may come from being able to purchase only the documents you need. You can identify qualified documents before purchase. You don’t need to buy an entire pile to look for the valuable papers you want and need.

Also, you don’t need to pay for someone to identify and transfer data from the lien document to a report. The data necessary for your work is extracted and delivered along with the document. Search filters let LiensDirect weed out liens that are of low value because of low monetary return or age.

Want to know how LiensDirect can lower your costs?  Learn More >>

Eliminate Errors

Since your documents arrive with the important bits extracted and reported for you, you don’t need someone to key data from one document to another, mitigating a source of error. You may not be able to put a cost on errors, but between the improved accuracy and labor savings, you can save time and money.

Be Competitive

If you can identify and contact a hospital lien lead before anyone else, you have a high chance of converting that lead to a customer. LiensDirect helps you find new hospital liens almost at the moment they are recorded with the county clerk.

Just think - you receive the information before your competitors can dig through the days prospective documents and launch your bid early. You can provide relief to lien recipients on the heels of the filing, at the very time they are wondering what to do.

Learn more about the benefits of LiensDirect.  Download a free sample file today >>

Meet Your Quota without Breaking Your Budget

Each day or week you need to hit your quota of hospital lien leads to make this part of your service profitable. With LiensDirect, you receive quality hospital liens matching your criteria without additional documents to search. You have what you need right at hand.

How much would you save by avoiding the purchase of unneeded documents? Not only do you save the time and labor required to sort through unqualified hospital liens, you have the opportunity to increase your conversion ratios.

Secure Your Cyber Systems

LiensDirect adds a layer of security to your document purchase. It’s easy for a hacker or other bad actor to embed malware into a document that transfers to your system as soon as you open it.

LiensDirect scans each document before you receive it, and provides additional security checks to ensure you don’t expose your data or become the victim of fraud.

As an added bonus, LiensDirect is easy to on board because there is no setup.

Get LiensDirect

Stop wasting time searching for liens or buying documents you can’t use. Stop paying someone to key data and increase your team’s productivity.

You’ll have the resources to reach beyond your current service area and expand your marketing reach outside the county. If you operate in a large metroplex, the possibilities are dazzling.

If you want to know more about how LiensDirect can help you access targeted hospital liens, contact us. We can answer all your questions.

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