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What Documents Do I Need to Sell My House?

So, you’re getting ready to sell your house. Exciting! Now, you’re probably asking yourself, “What documents do I need to sell my house?” We’re so glad you asked. Keep reading to find out all the paperwork (some of it might be available ...

Why do you need a real property report?

When dealing with real estate, the amount of information needed to make an informed decision abounds. One of the reports you need to help you determine the value of your potential property investment is a property report.  Property reports ...

Using’s Tax Maps, Tax Records, and Recorded Plats

Three tools available at are the Tax Map, Tax Record, and the Recorded Plat databases. Accessible from the GIS Map search application, each of these databases is chock full of data and information useful to anyone ...

What Are Real Property Documents and Why Do You Need Them?

Documentation makes the world go ‘round. Owners, sellers, and buyers all need access to the essential information contained in real property documents for decision making, due diligence, and peace of mind.  Real property documents are ...

Everything You Need to Know About Asset Searches

  • Team
  • 03/04/2020
  • Legal
An asset search is a formal name for "follow the money." Assets are anything, tangible or intangible, that can be converted into cash, or that has a cash value. Not all assets are of public record, however. Many are covered by privacy laws ...

How to Perform a Lease Check

The first step in the process of bringing a tract of land from prospect to oil sales is the lease check. A lease check is a quick way of ensuring there are no obstacles to signing a lease on a tract, including problems with title and the ...

How to Find Home Deeds in Texas - Easily

The availability of online databases and services certainly can streamline your house deed search. However, there is more to it than logging on and plugging in a few words. You need to know what you are looking at, and what to do if the ...

How to Become an Abstractor

In the world of real property, an abstractor is someone who compiles data about specific tracts of land (real property) to determine ownership. The reason the job is called abstracting is that you not only bring together and analyze ...

What You Need to Know about Abstract of Title

The term Abstract of Title seems to cause confusion for many people, even those in property-based industries like real estate and minerals. Most people run across the term when purchasing a home, which is a rare even in someone’s lifetime ...

What Texas Public Records Can You Find Online?

A plethora of Texas public records is available online from vital statistics to criminal records. Most are open to view, while other records have certain restrictions placed upon them. State law governs their accessibility; even though a ...