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How to Become an Abstractor

In the world of real property, an abstractor is someone who compiles data about specific tracts of land (real property) to determine ownership. The reason the job is called abstracting is that you not only bring together and analyze ...

What You Need to Know about Abstract of Title

The term Abstract of Title seems to cause confusion for many people, even those in property-based industries like real estate and minerals. Most people run across the term when purchasing a home, which is a rare even in someone’s lifetime ...

What Texas Public Records Can You Find Online?

A plethora of Texas public records is available online from vital statistics to criminal records. Most are open to view, while other records have certain restrictions placed upon them. State law governs their accessibility; even though a ...

What is an Abstract of Judgment and How Can You Find One Online?

One obstacle to a clean title is an Abstract of Judgment, which is a method of placing a lien on real property to pay a legal judgment. If an individual in a lawsuit receives a financial responsibility, any real property is used as ...

Oil and Gas Technology: Why Big Data is the Future for Landmen

As the population grows, the courthouses continue to record leases, grants, and deeds. As property changes hands, the title chain grows longer and more complex. Working with multiple records, a yellow pad, and a pencil has become ...

Are Marriage and Divorce Records Confidential?

Are marriage and divorce records confidential? It depends. The laws and practices regarding sealed court records can differ from state to state. Divorce records in Texas are always sealed… unless you are a public official. Then they might ...

The Digitization of Courthouse Databases

Digitization of all types of records has been going on since computing power improved and device prices dropped. Libraries, repositories, and courthouses, where massive numbers of books, files, documents, images and more have been ...

The Many Benefits of Using for Land Surveyors

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  • 09/26/2018
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As a professional surveyor, you understand the importance of the precise land measurements that determine property boundaries. Your work provides relevant data to engineers, mapmakers, architects, and construction project managers. The ...

6 Tips for Landmen Finding Public Records Online

When trying to figure out information about potential land, online resources are great. They are easier and more convenient than physical documents. Landmen who are looking to secure land for drilling need to certify various things before ...

14 Helpful Resources for Private Investigators

Private investigators are no strangers to research. Many spend a significant amount of time querying databases, compiling data, and creating reports for their clients. In today’s digitally fueled world, investigators can tap into many free ...