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How to Become a Landman in the Oil and Gas Industry

If you’re wondering how to become a landman in the oil and gas industry, you may hear many stories from industry veterans. Historically, landmen have come from a variety of backgrounds. Today, professional landmen often pursue a degree in ...

ALTA Land Survey: Understanding How and When to Use the The ALTA/ACSM Process

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  • 08/09/2017
  • Surveying
A land survey is an important process for property owners, real estate buyers, landscapers, and developers. Land surveys reveal vital information about a piece of real property, such as its boundaries, physical features, potential ...

The Importance of Historical Data

When most people think of historical data, they think of old documents, such as property deeds, or historical documents they studied in school. These types of historical data are vital, but don’t represent the entirety of what you should ...

Oil and Gas Disaster Planning: the Roadmap to Success

Oil and gas companies have a social responsibility to keep their facilities safe, protecting the surrounding infrastructure and community. The volatile nature of the job makes the threat of disaster ever-present. Risk factors for disaster ...

Why Should Landmen Get Certified?

As a landman, it’s your professional responsibility to be as knowledgeable about your craft as possible. Landowners rely on you to interpret their mineral deeds, identify legal problems, and develop appropriate solutions. Most property ...

The History of the Railroad Commission of Texas

The Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) is one of the oldest regulatory agencies in the country and the oldest in Texas. Established in 1891, the RRC has a long and interesting history overseeing the activities of several different ...

The Benefits of Knowing Current Oil and Gas Lease Information

Oil and gas leases can drastically effect how professionals handle a property. Landmen, for example, need to stay up to date on the latest oil and gas leases of a property to know how long the company has a right on the property. Leases ...

The Biggest Oil and Gas Fields in the United States

The oil and gas industry has grown notorious for its booms and busts in the past few decades, but it is experiencing the largest downturn since the 1990s. This is due, in large part, to the record oil production rates around the globe and ...

Restructuring Your Company During a Downstream

Crude oil prices have been stagnant at historic lows in recent months, with prices averaging around $45 a barrel. With the industry in the middle of a flux, upstream and downstream operations are considering financial restructuring to head ...

Security Issues Oil and Gas Businesses Face

In today’s technology driven world, cybersecurity is a term we hear with increasing frequency.  The possibility of a cyberattack threatens virtually every industry, and each in their unique ways. What kinds of threats affect oil and gas ...