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The Digitization of Courthouse Databases

Digitization of all types of records has been going on since computing power improved and device prices dropped. Libraries, repositories, and courthouses, where massive numbers of books, files, documents, images and more have been ...

The Many Benefits of Using for Land Surveyors

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  • 09/26/2018
  • Surveying
As a professional surveyor, you understand the importance of the precise land measurements that determine property boundaries. Your work provides relevant data to engineers, mapmakers, architects, and construction project managers. The ...

6 Tips for Landmen Finding Public Records Online

When trying to figure out information about potential land, online resources are great. They are easier and more convenient than physical documents. Landmen who are looking to secure land for drilling need to certify various things before ...

14 Helpful Resources for Private Investigators

Private investigators are no strangers to research. Many spend a significant amount of time querying databases, compiling data, and creating reports for their clients. In today’s digitally fueled world, investigators can tap into many free ...

The Different Types of Deeds

A deed is a legal document that lays out the different aspects of a property and is used when transferring the ownership of a property from one person to another. There are many different types of deeds that have different purposes. Here ...

Everything You Need to Know About Texas Land Records

Texas land records are very historic. The history of the land records offers an interesting look at their origin and destination. The records can vary from country to county and can be found in a variety of quantities. Some records have ...

Fun Facts About the Harris County Courthouse

The Harris County Courthouse has history dating back to 1836. During this year, brothers Augustus C. and John K. Allen founded the city of Houston. When they founded the city, a county seat moved east from Houston to Harrisburg. In 1839 ...

What Public Records do Right-of-Way Agents Need?

Right-of-way (ROW) agents work with many industries that need to secure the property rights to a tract of land. Oil and gas companies, government agencies, inspectors, construction crews, and businesses use ROW agents to find the rightful ...

Using's Search-by-Address Feature

Online public records searches have helped professionals and individuals across a variety of industries, considerably cutting down the time and effort it takes to search for and obtain a specific document. has been at ...

Four Tips for a Better Property Search

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a property for personal or commercial use, the property search is typically a stressful, time-consuming, and overall draining ordeal. Finding the right property can take much longer than you might ...