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7 Important Things You Should Know About Land Titles

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  • 09/06/2017
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Laws governing land ownership are complex. Understanding land ownership rights and processes can help any prospective land owner avoid the risk of an improper sale, scam, or undisclosed property issue. Before you transfer property rights ...

10 Apps Every Realtor Should be Using

Technological advancements have completely transformed the real estate industry. Realtors no longer have to depend on the Yellow Pages and local listings in the paper to do their jobs. They can use the vast digital landscape available to ...

How Does a Quitclaim Deed Affect Your Mortgage?

A quitclaim deed is a document that transfers legal ownership and interest of a property from one person (the grantor) to another (the grantee). Unlike a warranty deed, a quitclaim deed does not offer assurances that the land in question ...

The Types of Easements That Could Affect Your Property

An easement is a property interest that gives someone the legal right to use or own parts of the property owner’s land. The person does not legally own or possess the land, but has the right to use it through an agreement with the owner. ...

How to Get a Warranty Deed and Transfer Property Rights

A warranty deed is a legal document that people use to transfer property. A warranty deed states that a property owner has sole claim to the property – in other words, that no other entity has a lien on the piece of land or home.

Property Deeds: What You Need to Know

Purchasing real estate can be a very stressful time. Your agent or other advisers may be using terms you are unfamiliar with, especially if it is your first time purchasing property. A lot of first-time buyers think property deeds and ...

What is the Difference between Easement and Right-of-Way?

Do you know if your deed includes an easement or right-of-way? If so, it can limit the ability for you to conduct work on the land owned by a private party. Rights-of-way and easements are both examples of property rights, and can allow ...

Find the Assessed Value of a Home

As a real estate appraiser, it is your job to develop and report your professional opinion of the value of a piece of property. To do so, you need to get your hands on various data about the property in question. To assess a home’s value, ...

How Do I Get a Copy of a Quitclaim Deed?

A quitclaim deed transfers interest in real property from one entity (the grantor) to another (the grantee). Unlike most property deeds, quitclaim deeds do not contain a title covenant – thus they offer the grantee no guarantee as to the ...

Do You Know What your Property Plat Means?

If you’ve recently purchased or acquired a tract of land and plan on dividing it, adding to it, or otherwise developing it, you will come across the phrase “property plat.” A “plat” is a plan or a map of a plot of land, especially used in ...