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Why Choose an FHA Mortgage?

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  • 10/25/2013
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The Federal Housing Administration has long been a top source of low-cost mortgages for cash-strapped borrowers who face unique financial pressures. Established during the depths of the Great Depression, the agency has helped millions of ...

What Do Affidavits of Occupancy Do?

An affidavit of occupancy is a simple document that often gets lost in the shuffle of real estate closings. This is unfortunate. Individuals who don't fully understand the implications of affidavits of occupancy may find themselves hit ...

Mortgage Loan Fraud FAQ, Part 2: How to Avoid Mortgage Fraud

Every year, mortgage fraud and predatory lending affect tens of thousands of American borrowers and homeowners. Their collective impact is remarkably diffuse. First-time home-buyers, longtime homeowners, and retirees who own their homes ...

Mortgage Loan Fraud FAQ, Part 1: What is Mortgage Fraud?

In the aftermath of the mortgage crisis of the late 2000s, the broad ecosystem of mortgage fraud has been the subject of much scrutiny and hand-wringing. Generally committed by home-buyers or mortgage brokers against banks and other loan ...

What the Fiscal Cliff Deal Means for your Mortgage Rate

While the U.S. didn’t go completely over the fiscal cliff, it seems it is still kind of dangling. However, there has been, and will continue to be, an impact on mortgage rates throughout 2013. While you wait for the next shoe to drop, ...

4 Appraisal Updates: The Changing Landscape of the Appraisal Industry

Would-be homeowners are more than familiar with the varied costs associated with the home-buying process. Between credit reports, document preparation, mortgage loans, homeowner’s and title insurance policies and land surveying, there are ...