Five Time Management Tips For Surveyors

Posted by Team - 26 January, 2015


Learn more at CourthouseDirect.comDo you wish there were more hours in the day? Do you have too much work and not enough time to get it all done? We understand the life of a surveyor can be ruled by time so we would like to share some great time management tips that might help you manage your workload.


To be at the top in 2015, here are a few tips every surveyor can heed to improve time management:

  • Plan your trips. Whether you are leaving the office for errands or have a day chock full of jobs and meetings, you should plan out every trip prior to heading out. You will be amazed at how much time you can save. For example, instead of taking one trip to grab lunch, another to head to the bank, and another at the end of the day to meet with a client, consider consolidating and combining your errands into one or two trips. Not only are you saving time but you will be saving money on gas too.

  • Limit technology. Technology has come a long way in the past decade, but that may not necessarily be a good thing when it comes to time management. Sure, there are software programs and tools designed to save time, but these are exceptions. In reality, most technology serves as a time drain. From text messages and social media to the constant ringing of your cell phone, technology can quickly eat up your time. For optimal use of your time, silence your phone, log out of your social media accounts, and only read emails during designated periods of time.

  • Learn to say no. Milton Denny, PLS, says, “Don’t be afraid to turn down requests that are not in the best interest of your company.” Learning to say no is a difficult skill for some to acquire, but it is necessary when time is at a premium. Saying yes to every offer, request, or deal that comes to your desk will force you to push out low-quality work.

  • Invest in a day planner. Regardless of whether you consider yourself the “organized type” or not, carrying a day planner around with you can be a great way to track and record your time. It will visibly show what tasks you have completed, what’s coming up next, and where you need to improve.

  • Take breaks. Taking breaks may sound counterintuitive to managing your time efficiently, but it’s actually one of the most important tips. By taking regular five or ten minute breaks, you allow your body and mind to recharge and become more productive.

It’s been said that there are only three ways to spend your time “thoughts, conversations, and actions.” Your ability to limit unnecessary thoughts and conversations while maximizing actions will ultimately determine your success. Implement these five tips, and you will be well on your way to managing your time more efficient!


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