A Visual Evolution of the American Landman

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When looking at the world today, it’s hard to imagine a time when cars were scarce, technology was limited, and the majority of products were made by hand. Prior to the American industrial revolution, a world without instant gratification was the norm and the progression of commerce was slow. But thanks to the brave and intelligent landmen in the mid-19th century, America quickly progressed into a prosperous and rapidly developing nation.

Oil Fuels Prosperity in U.S.

Without landmen, 1912’s first gas station would never have formed, and the discovery of natural resources would be a fading note in history books. Because landmen serve as the link between developers and land owners, long-term partnerships between all parties shared a common interest.

In the early 1900’s, the oil and gas industry began to solidify as government interest in these resources grew. The leasing of mineral rights led to the creation and eventual sale of multi-million dollar companies. As a result, jobs were created by the thousands, technology began to improve, and the Panhandle Association of Petroleum Landmen became the first professional organization for landmen. 

Today’s Landman: Refined by Technology

Over 50 years after the American Association of Professional Landmen was formed, the profession evolved to employ modern technology, enabling professionals to complete multiple tasks in a fraction of the time while enhancing accuracy. Today’s landman uses a combination of satellite imagery, mobile devices, and computer-assisted tools, like online court record searches, to facilitate project completion quicker than his predecessors. With technology set to redefine the profession in the next decade, landmen are primed to enjoy tech-driven, secure, and well-paying careers.

Want to know the “then and now” of America’s landmen? Check out our infographic below!


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