Product Updates: Hydrogen Release Notes

Posted by Team - 09 October, 2019


courthousedirect hydrogen release notes

At, we're always updating our products and services to give our customers our best and access to the best. Read below for our most recent product updates for the Hydrogen Release.

What's New

CHD users can now request additional view for their File Viewer account. User will have option to add up-to 900 views. This request will be sent directly to Customer Services to process further, once approved user will receive the invoice for additional view against their credit card.

Title Plants by the Hour

Now you can pay for hourly access to our 120+ Title Plants across Texas and New Mexico.  It is the largest repository for doing time-sensitive research in one, or across several counties requiring state-of-the-art legal searching capabilities. Use the Title Plant to do your work in the easiest and most efficient way with data of integrity enhanced using high-quality assurance standards. Available 24/7.

Free Document Previews

You can preview the documents for free of charge when you buy hourly access to the Title Plants. Save time and money by taking advantage of the free previews, and only buying the documents that you need.

Additional Viewer Function

  • The CHD >File Viewer > Historical Data > View Request, this function send request to Customer Services for additional view.
  • Available Views are 300 / 600/ 900
  • Once approved user can see number of views available and usage count. User is charged on credit card.
  • System will immediately charge the customer and then email a receipt/invoice.
  • If the customer chooses not to buy additional views, then the system should charge the 50c per view.

Update Quick Search verbiage on ITR and Geo

Updated the search page "Quick Search" to "Title Plant Training Manual"

Preliminary Invoice

Generate your invoice when you’ve completed your job, without having to wait for you to be invoiced to get reimbursed. Create and customize your own invoice when turning in your work and get refunded sooner rather than later. Print, email or send it to excel, to get your invoice at the top of the pile.


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