3 Benefits of Searching for Public Records Online

Posted by CourthouseDirect.com Team - 14 December, 2016


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In a country of convenience, it’s no surprise that more people are performing daily tasks online instead of in person. As the Internet grows to encompass nearly every aspect of life, people can shop, renew their driver’s licenses, or search the public records database from the comfort of their homes. There are many benefits to using an online public records database instead of visiting your local country clerk’s office. Online public records searching may become your new favorite pastime!

No Long Lines or Restricted Hours

One significant deterrent for many people to visit their county clerk’s office or courthouse is the inevitable wait. Not only might there be a wait to speak to the county clerk, but you also have to wait while the clerk looks up your desired documents, finds them, and brings them to you. Getting your hands on one document could take all day. When you conduct an online records search, you get a list of results in seconds. Real property documents, grantor indexes, liens, marriage certificates – you name it. Simply enter a few pieces of information and you’ll receive the public records you need without delay.

With online public records databases, you enjoy maximum convenience. Many people’s schedules aren’t flexible enough to accommodate in-person public records searches. Professionals such as real estate agents, lawyers, and landmen are often too busy to make it to their local clerk’s office or courthouse and wait in line. Instead of trying to get your search done in the narrow window of business hours, browse online at your leisure, around the clock. Online databases never close! Get the information you need when you need it with public records online.

Optimize Your Time and Energy

When you need a fast public record search, there’s no substitute for online databases. The World Wide Web pulls up information, documents, and images at the click of a button. Eliminate driving to the courthouse, finding parking, standing in line, waiting for the clerk, and sifting through piles of records manually. Gone are the days when finding a single public record could take days. Save your time, energy, and resources with an online records search.

New public records online databases don’t require users to enter such detailed information to find documents. Property listing searches used to mandate status, price, and area. Now, real estate agents only need the address. Higher result limits also eliminate the need to carefully narrow searches to find what you’re looking for. Printer-friendly reports enable you to immediately have the documents you need on paper. Save searches for future uses. All of these features optimize user convenience and make the search process a breeze.

Save Money

Depending on the state you live in, your public records searches could cost you thousands. In Milwaukee, the city police department tried to bill the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel $4,500 for the 750 incident reports that the Journal used. The case went all the way to the Wisconsin Supreme Court before judges ruled in favor of the Journal. While this is an extreme example, gaining access to public records does cost money in most states – from a few cents to up to $10 per page, plus hourly fees per search. Avoid these costs completely by opting for an online public records search.

Thanks to the Internet, users can now view, download, and print public records in a cost-effective way. Online databases typically charge very low fees for their services. Many offer some services for free. Online searches can save professionals hundreds if not thousands of dollars in their quests to find information. Users also avoid the costs of hiring a professional service to search records for them. The Web turns any ordinary person into a sleuth, enabling fast and easy records searches even with minimal input.

The next time you need access to a public record, try a search online instead of in person. You’ll be surprised at how much time, money, and energy you save when you cut out the visit to the courthouse.

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